Dumas wins 6th term as mayor

Published 2:38 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Prentiss Mayor Charley Dumas won his bid for re-election in Tuesday’s general election. Dumas beat Michael Caldwell 203 votes to 84.

Seven candidates, Keith Bridges, Jamie H. Cochran, Willard Davis, Rudolph “Rudy” McNease, Levi K. McRaney, Hal “Moochie” Speights and Randy Stamps, were all on the ballot vying for the five alderman seats. The top five aldermen receiving votes were McNease, Speights, McRaney, Stamps and Davis.

There were 299 votes cast of the 692 registered voters in the Prentiss city limits.

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This will be Dumas’ sixth term in office.

“I appreciate everyone getting out today to exercise their right to vote,” said Dumas.

“I want to welcome our new board members and look forward to working with the board in the coming term.”

With three aldermen returning, there will be two new faces on the board.

“I am looking forward to working with the other aldermen to help move Prentiss forward and make it an even better place to live,” said Levi McRaney.

“I promise to do the very best I can. I’m open for discussion, suggestions and only want the best for Prentiss,” said Rudy McNease. “What’s best for Prentiss, is best for all of us.”

The town of Bassfield was not required to hold an election. They only had one candidate for mayor, Pat Courtney, and five candidates for alderman. James “Jimmy” Kerley, Johnny “Ken” Roberts, Hester Easterling, William Hendry and Angela Cone “Speights” will serve on the board beginning July 1.