Jeff Davis Jail Docket Feb. 19 – Feb. 26

Published 2:50 pm Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Enoch Buckley, DOB 2-14-85, 25 Magee Loop, Prentiss, burglary.

Eddie Franklin Morton, DOB 12-30-58, 393 Hunnicut Road, Bassfield, domestic violence, disorderly conduct.

Spencer Kori Hayes, DOB 10-13-88, 196 Mack Cemetery Road, Bassfield, old fines.

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Kimberly Sylvest, DOB 10-19-73, Magnolia Circle, Prentiss, grand larceny, possession of sale transfer of stolen firearm, conspiracy to commit crime.

Leander Lampton, DOB 9-2-60, 1215 Fred St., Apt. 3, Prentiss, public drunk, leash law violation.

Robert G. Ben, DOB 10-7-87, 21 Clem Road, Prentiss, two counts running stop sign, failure to yield to blue lights, DWLS, no insurance, no seatbelt, reckless driving, possession of marijuana.

Timothy Barnes, DOB 2-18-96, 391 Bass Burkett Road, Carson, indictment.

Wadreanna Magee, DOB 8-20-97, 217 North Main St., Mt. Olive, indictment.

Alexander McCullum,

DOB 10-29-97, 409 Bass Burkett Road, Carson, indictment.

DAngelo Applewhite, DOB 4-14-98, 292 Graves Keys Road, Bassfield, credit card fraud.

Belton Sims, DOB 12-8-90, 92 Ridgeland Road, Bassfield, indictment.

Denario Hooks, DOB 7-13-98, 785 Tyrone Drive, Prentiss, indictment.