Citizens form list of criteria for new JDC superintendent

Published 11:19 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Approximately 20 county citizens attended the stakeholders meeting
held at the Academic Success Center in Carson in May.
The Jefferson Davis County School Board was seeking feedback from all
stakeholders in the search for the new superintendent.
The board’s search consultant, the Mississippi School Boards
Association (MSBA), held meetings with principals, district office
administration, teachers, staff and the community.
The purpose of the meetings was to gather input from specific groups
regarding the qualifications and characteristics that the successful
applicant for superintendent should possess.
Dr. Michael Waldrop, executive director of the MSBA, facilitated the
stakeholders meeting.
When Waldrop asked the crowd what they wanted most in a
superintendent, the first word from the crowd was honesty.
Accountability came close behind.
“We want accountablility for the progress of the schools, the teachers
and administrators,” said a community member.
“I also think its important that the superintendent should be willing
to relocate to Jefferson Davis County if they don’t already live here
when elected,” said another.
Among the other priorities from the community were the ability to
recruit and retain quality  teachers and staff, must have a proven
track record of moving a district foward, the ability to secure funds
from various sources and utilze funds for the best interest of the
children, and excellent leaderships skills in order to work well with
faculty, staff, administration and the school board.
One member asked that academics be more important than athletics.
The feedback from these meetings will be compiled into a written
report and provided to the school board members who will use the
information to craft interview questions for the applicants whom they
choose to interview and as a foundation in making the decision as to
who will be hired as the new superintendent.
Information from all three meetings will be taken into account by the
school board, but all information might not be included in the final
criteria description.

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