Board approves bond for buses

Published 10:25 am Friday, July 5, 2019

The Jefferson Davis County School Board held a special called board
meeting June 18 at the Academic Success Center in Carson.
Three items regarding  securing funds through a loan or bond were
tabled at the regular June board meeting due to a lack of
understanding regarding the process.
Warren Greenlee with the Young Law Group was available at the meeting
to clear up any confusion and answer questions.
After clarity was obtained, the board retained the Young Law Group and
financial advisor MuniGroup, LLC., to assist in acquiring a three mill
note  needed to purchase new school buses.
“It would not be a millage increase, it would be a continuation of the
millage rates you have had in the past,” said Greenlee.
Citizens have 15 days  after the resolution of intent is posted in the
newspaper to file a petition calling for an election. If enough
petitions are not filed calling for an election, then the board has
the authority to issue the note anytime within a two year period.
Also on the agenda, was the approval of emergency facilities repairs.
The board asked Superintendent Russell for a list of repairs to all
campuses deemed emergent in nature.
There was some board opposition to the list.
“You have beautifucation items on here. I am looking for pressing
emergencies,” said Shonda Ard Kelly. “We don’t have to put a lot of
money into this  as of yet until we can get things in order.”
“I accept what you have down, but I still think we need to pull out
what needs to be done first before school starts,” said Nadine
“I am not for everything on this list. We can have the finest of fine,
but if we can’t raise test scores then we are in a mess,” said Terri
Stamps. “I think we should concentrate on what we have to get done for
school to start without teachers and administrators being frustrated.
The list needs to be broken down a little better.”
“I am going to call for a vote and it will pass or it will not,” said
board president Von Norwood.
“If you do this Von, you are going to force people to vote against
it,” said Stamps. “Why cant we go through the list?”
“I’m voting for it, but I am sick and tired of ya’ll going about it
this way. If it wasn’t for the children of this county I would not put
up with this manipulation that is being done,” said Stamps.
The item passed three to two.

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