Registration dates set for JDC schools

Published 3:14 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Early registration for the 2019-2020 school year forĀ  Jefferson Davis
County is July 22-31 from 1-6 p.m.
Registration will be completed online just as last year. There will be
no registration Aug. 1-7.
Each campus will host registration. If you have a student in
elementary and high school you may register in one location.
Please bring all required documentation for the residence verification
Required documents are: birth certificate, social security card,
immunization form T-121 and two current proofs of residency. A TDap
will also be required for incoming seventh graders.
Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a student seeking to enroll must
provide Jefferson Davis County School District with at least two items
(must be dated May/June 2019) as verification of their address.
Documents with a post office box address will not be accepted.
Accepted items are: a filed homestead exemption application form,
mortgage documents or property deed, apartment or home lease, utility
bills, voter precinct identification, automobile registration,
affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district
official, any other documentation that will objectively and
unequivocally establish that the parent or guardian resides within the
school district or a certified copy of filed petition for guardianship
if pending and final decree when granted.
Once proof of residency is presented, a code will be given in order to
complete online registration.
No student is to be enrolled in the Jefferson Davis County School
District until any and all questions regarding residence or
immunizations have been resolved.
Students suspended or expelled from another school or school district
may not be allowed to enroll.
No pupil shall be permanently enrolled in a school in Jefferson Davis
County School District who formerly was enrolled in another school
within the state or outside the state until the cumulative record of
said pupil shall have been received from the school from which he
Should such record have become lost or destroyed, then it shall be the
duty of the superintendent or principal of the school where the pupil
last attended school to initiate a new record.
For questions or more infomration, please call the Jefferson Davis
County School District central office at 601-792-2738.

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