Jeff Davis County Jail Docket July 8 – July 22

Published 5:14 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jeffrey Holloway, DOB 8-26-73, 164 Julius Price Road, Silver Creek,
motor vehicle taking.

Bonnie Alexandria Sandifer, DOB 12-18-96, 772 Hickory Grove Road,
Sumrall, felony eluding, no drivers license, no seatbelt.

Bobby Boleware, DOB 9-5-89, 276 Mack Cemetery Road, Prentiss, family

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Joseph Sylvest, DOB 7-8-86, 1027 Cavanaugh Road, Bassfield,
disturbance of the peace.

Shaun Micca Allen, DOB 6-2-78, 35 Stephens Loop, Carson, speeding,
DWLS, DUI other, possession of drug paraphernalia, old fines.
Robert Expose, DOB 2-21-66, 33 Horsehoe Road, Prentiss, disturbance of
a business.

Trenecia Daniels, DOB 10-15-78, 1136 Berry St., Apt. 9, Prentiss,
possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kenneth Lee Hester Jr., DOB 9-21-82, 1469 John St., Prentiss, domestic
violence, simple assault.

Scottie Herrington, DOB 3-2-70, 57 Walthall Ave., Carson, resisting
arrest, assault on an officer.

Crystal Smith, DOB 1-23-75, 1708 Magnolia St., Prentiss, family disturbance.

Larry Jerome Henderson, DOB 10-28-93, 93 Clem Road, Prentiss,
manufacturing marijuana.

Everett Heath Smith, DOB 12-17-74, 634 Watts St., Monticello,
burglary, breaking and entering of dwelling, warrant.

Nathaniel D. Smith, DOB 1-25-75, 390 A Hickory Church Road, Richton,
old fines, warrants.

Everett Heath Smith, DOB 12-17-74, 634 Watts St., Monticello,
burglary, breaking and entering, warrant.

Taylor Herrington, DOB 3-25-95, 56 Burkett Norris Lane, Carson,
malicious mischief, disturbance of family.

Raymond B. Davis, DOB 10-30-77, 437 Progress Road, Prentiss, warrant, old fines.

Cruz Kendrell Ross, DOB 8-17-86, 19 Marcelle Lane, Bassfield, simple
assault attempt by physical menace to create fear.

Calvin Mitchell Stringer, DOB 9-11-72, 804 Lafayette St., Prentiss,
disturbance of peace.

Rafe Saulters, DOB 5-26-01, 131 Crossroads Church Road, Sumrall,
possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana.

Joseph Maurice Buckley, DOB 5-19-84, 226 Cephus Williams Road, Silver
Creek, indictment.