LEOs offer theft prevention tips

Published 4:06 pm Friday, December 27, 2019

Durning the past few weeks in our county and surrounding counties a large number of utility trailers have been reported stolen.

These range in size from small 6 x 8 foot trailers used to haul lawm mowers and ATVs, to 24-foot long trailers used to haul automobiles and tractors.

Many trailers are purchased from dealers, but there are a few that are homemade. Both of these types require license tags, a VIN and tail lights to be driven on the roadway.

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Most of them reportedly have been stolen in daylight hours from front yards, many within a few feet of the home itself.

The JDCSO is asking the people who own such trailers to help prevent these thefts.

Hitch locks can be placed on the hitch that is hooked onto the back of the vehicle pulling it.

These can be purchased at any auto parts or hardware store.

Identifying numbers can be stamped, painted, or welded to the frame as permenent means of identifing property.

Law enforcement officers urge equipment owners to take pictures that can be circulated through out the county and surrounding counties in the event of theft.

They also suggest storing trailers and equipment behind the home or barn out of sight of passers by.

Anyone having any information please call the sheriff’s department at 601-792-5169.