Jeff Davis Jail Docket Jan. 20 – Feb. 24

Published 2:04 pm Friday, February 28, 2020

Vincent Bernard Durr, DOB6-7-99, 127 E. L. Hall Trail, Bassfield, warrant.

Adonis Edward, DOB 11-6-88, 164 Short Chapel Loop, aggravated assault,
Carson, aggravated assault.

LeDesmond Johnson, DOB 12-31-90, 137 Black Polk Road, Bassfield,
resisting arrest by fleeing, warrant.

Lloyd Dughdrill, DOB 7-9-64, 337 Sophia Sutton Road, Prentiss, warrant.

Justin Price, DOB 3-16-94, disturbing the peace.

LeDesmond Johnson, DOB 12-31-90, 137 Black Polk Road, Prentiss, felony
possession of a controlled substance, shoplifting, two counts
resisting arrest, disorderly conduct.

Joshua Herring, DOB 10-30-95, 1420 Second St., Prentiss, rape, kidnapping.

Terrell Gettridge DOB 12-25-79, 253 Knotts Road, Collins, possible
child molestation.

Kentrell Aultman, DOB 10-17-00, 1107 E. Rose Hill Road, Silver Creek,
family disturbance.

Edward Blackmon, DOB 8-23-58, 67 Judge Fagan Lane, Bassfield,
probation violation.

James L. Farmer, DOB 4-29-85, 454 Cold Springs Road, Collins, hold for
Covington County.

Gary Don Davis, DOB 8-1-46, 213 Cross Roads Church Road, Sumrall,
simple assault by physical menace to create fear.

Billy Townsend, DOB 12-27-69, 1530 Seminary Mike Conner Road,
Seminary, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lititia Barnes, DOB 8-4-82, 812 Longino St., Collins, simple assault
by physical menace to create fear.

Kelvin Leggett, DOB 12-27-84, 120 Graves Keys Road, Bassfield,
disturbing the peace.

William Adams, DOB 4-1-94, 137 Billy Davis Road, Silver Creek, drug court.

Joe Luis Hathorn, DOB 3-27-68, 302 Ridgeland Road, Bassfield, DUI,
DWLS, no insurance, disregard for traffic device, ran stop sign.

Charles Davis, DOB 10-26-73, 67 Weathersby Road, New Hebron,
disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

Leander Lampton, DOB 9-2-60, Fred St., Apt. 3, Prentiss, public drunk.

Tammie Knight, DOB 9-25-74, 292 Progress Road, Prentiss, simple
assault attempt by physical menace to create fear.

LaShawn Trenase Bourne, DOB 4-9-94, 27 Palestine Loop, Oakvale, simple
assault attempt by physical meance to create fear.

Damon Reese, DOB 11-5-78, 15 Drummond Lane, Bassfield, old fines.

Michael Reese, DOB 4-22-72, 11 Drummond Lane, Bassfield, bench warrant.

Perry Barrett, DOB 8-17-84, 1027 Cavanaugh Road, Bassfield, grand
larceny warrant.