Tax and car tag notices returned

Published 1:21 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

The JDC tax assessor/collector’s office has received numerous returned land tax and car notices due to supposed incorrect addresses.

“We have a company that verifies each address and sends the notices out for the county,” said JDC Tax Assessor/Collector Kelley Ross-Brown.

“The company verifies each and every address and sends a list back if it is not in the system or is unidentifiable.”

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This year the company sent back only five, and those were out of the country addresses.

“We received this many last year, so we alphabetized them and pulled them when citizens came in to pay taxes, but hadn’t received a notice in the mail.

“We asked customers to verify their address and each and every time it was the exact address on the notice. The addresses are correct, but they were still returned to us stamped “undeliverable.” This is apparently a postal issue.”

The tax assessor/collector is not required to send these notices. “They are conmplimentary. We choose to send them as a service to our citizens.”

“I want my citizens to know, if you think you have taxes owed in JDC, please call us.”

“We will not be re-sending these notices. It would cost the county too much money in postage, especially with the possibility they would be returned right back to us again.”

Ross-Brown also reminds everyone that the deadline for filing homestead exemption is March 31.