Coronavirus shuts down businesses in the county

Published 4:22 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Although there are no coronavirus cases reported in Jefferson Davis County, many busineses are taking necessary, proactive steps to prevent contamination.
The Jefferson Davis Community Hospital is not accepting visitors at this time. The exception to this rule is a parent/guardian with a child or a caregiver with an elderly patient.
Currently, there is only one entrance to the hospital, through the emergency room. The front door is now locked.
If you feel you have an emergency, you will be screened just inside the door of the ER.
If you pass the series of questions, you will be allowed to see a doctor.
If not, you will be asked to return to the parking lot where a nurse or hospital employee will assist you there.
This policy is in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you have syptoms of the Corona Virus, all medical officials ask that you call your health care provider, instead of making a trip to the emergency room.
Those with outpatient orders for lab work or x-rays will also be screened at the door before being allowed to proceed with testing.
Other businesses closed as of press time Tuesday afternoon are:
•The Jefferson Davis County Extended Care Facility is on lockdown and will not accept visitors until further notice.
•The M.L. Arrington Fitness Center is closed until further notice. Any pre-paid fee will be honored upon the re-opening of the wellness center.
Patients with outpatient therapy orders are still being treated at the M.L. Arrington Rehab Center, but no visitors are allowed to attend with the patient.
•The Prentiss Public Library will be closed until March 23.
•Public access to the Ronald W. Jones Memorial Complex will be limited until further notice.
•Prentiss Primary Care will be closed until March 23.
•JDC Rural Health Clinic is not taking walk-ins at this time. Please call the office for assistance.
•The Jefferson Davis County School District has extended spring break through March 27.
•Prentiss Christian School has extended spring break through March 20.
All sporting and extracurricular activities for all schools have been suspended at this time.
This is a rapidly changing situation. As such, all dates reported above are subject to change as cases of the virus increase or governmental entities adjust recommendations.
Michelle McCain from the Mississippi State Department of Health met with the Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors Monday morning to discuss Mississippi’s emergency operations plan.
The board has a second scheduled meeting Wednesday morning to formulate a plan of action and take any additional steps needed to protect the citizens.

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