Prisoners escape from JDC jail

Published 1:48 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Law enforcement officers are searching for two inmates who escaped from the Jefferson Davis County jail last Thursday evening.

Brothers Desmond Fortenberry and Marcus Bridges escaped and are still at large.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., the jailer on duty went upstairs to take some clothes to the state side of the jail.

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When she got off the elevator, the prisoners asked her for ice and water.

As she opened the door to their cell to get the water cooler, the prisoners grabbed her and forced her into the cell and took her keys.

They locked her into the cell and  went down the elevator.

Bridges approached the dispatcher who was on the phone. He hung the phone up, grabbed some money that was on the desk and pulled out a weapon.

He held what was described as a shank to the dispatcher’s neck and demanded she unlock the back door.

Fortenberry was already in the  back waiting and the two exited the rear door of the jail.

Fortenberry was transferred to the Jefferson Davis County jail on July 14 after being apprehended in Vicksburg.

He is charged with the murder of Carlos Taylor behind the Prentiss Post Office on Tyrone Drive on Nov. 20, 2019. He also has a possession of a weapon by a convicted felon charge.

Bridges was transferred from the Lawrence County jail with felony fleeing and grand larceny charges in Jefferson Davis County.

He is also charged with  bank robbery and grand larceny in Lawrence County.

The two are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

They are  dressed in civilian clothes and there is no word on their direction of travel.

Contact local law enforcement authorities or the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Office immediately at 601-792-5169 if they are seen in your area.