School board changes course of action for JDC students

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Jefferson Davis County School Board has revised the original plan for learning in Jefferson Davis County for the current school year.

Jefferson Davis School District will continue to utilize a three-phase schedule for instruction, however, the dates have changed. The three phases are: Phase 1 Virtual Learning; Phase 2 Hybrid-AA/BB Schedule and Phase 3 Traditional Learning.

The school year began on Aug. 6 in Phase 1. Phase 2 was to be implemented on Sept. 8.

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That date has been pushed back until January, meaning all students enrolled in the Jefferson Davis County School District will be learning virtually until after the Christmas holiday. Virtual learning will consist of a combination of online/live instruction and/or paper and pencil instruction.

The hybrid schedule, Phase 2, will be implemented from January to March and entail the following: AA days are on Monday and Tuesday and will consist of students with the last name beginning with A-J. BB days are on Wednesday and Thursday and will consist of students with the last name beginning with K-Z.

All seniors will participate in hybrid format and will attend their classes in person on Fridays.

The district will utilize each Friday for enrichment and remediation.

The site administrative team will use data to determine which student(s) will attend on Friday for enrichment or remediation.

Parents that choose to keep their children at home for distance learning (from January until May) will be responsible for technology, internet access and picking up needed resources.

Students will be able to switch from full distance/virtual learning to hybrid learning after a reevaluation and conference with the host school at the end of the year.

Students will return to the classroom for traditional learning, Phase 3, from March until May.

For Phase 3m JDCSD highly recommends that families use their own transportation if applicable. Students are required to wear masks on the bus and temperatures will be taken before loading the bus.

If a child has a fever at or above 100 degrees, parents will be contacted immediately, and the student will remain at home.

It is recommended that the parent ensures someone is at home in this case.

Temperatures will be taken before students leave school.

If a child has a fever, students will not be allowed to ride the bus home. The student must be picked up by the parent or an approved person from the parent’s registration documentation.

For high school students in the Prentiss Zone, there will be a separate bus route.

For J. E. Johnson Elementary, there will be a separate bus route.

For students in the Bassfield Zone, Carver Elementary and Jefferson Davis High School will share a bus route.

Students will be assigned seats, the seats will be labeled with their names, and members of the same household will be required to sit on the same seat.

Bus start and end times will vary and will be communicated with parents before on campus learning begins. Buses will be cleaned and sanitized after each route.

For more details on the district’s reopening plan can be found at