COVID brings changes to voting precincts

Published 2:34 pm Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Election commissioners in Jefferson Davis County have been busy making adjustments for the upcoming presidential election.

“Due to COVID-19, we have implemented several safety measures at the polls,” said JDC Elections Commissioner Linda Speights.

Voters are strongly encouraged to wear face masks at the precincts on Nov. 3.

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The voter’s I.D. must be presented to poll managers upon entering the polling precinct.

A poll manager may ask the voter to step back six feet and briefly lower his/her covering so the poll manager can identify the voter in accordance with the Mississippi voter ID laws and administrative rules.

I Voted pens will be issued to each voter and can be used to sign their name and for touch screen voting at the precincts.

Each voting machine will be cleaned after each voter cast their vote.

Polling places will be arranged to allow for six feet between voters.

Polling places will have visible markings to clearly indicate where voters are to stand.

Any poll manager may enforce the social distancing and sanitizer will be provided.

There will be a separate entrance and exit at each precinct.

House Bill 1521 made absentee ballots the final vote. SEMS will now print “Voted AB” beside the name of any voter who has absentee voted in-person, absentee voted by mail and also who has been sent an absentee ballot.

Voters who fall into these categories are no longer allowed to appear in-person on election day and cast a regular election day ballot to cancel out their absentee ballot.

“It is very important to review a sample ballot prior to voting regarding the ballot measures and initiatives,” said Speights.

On the ballot are Ballot Measure #1 (medical marijuana), Initiatives No. 65 and No. 65A, Ballot Measure #2 (House Concurrent Resolution No. 47) and Ballot Measure #3 (House Bill 1976 Flag Referendum).