MSU Ext. pilot program available for youth in JDC

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Jefferson Davis County Extension Office is piloting a  4-H program  called 4-H Junior Disease Detectives.

Extension agents are looking for 10-15 youth aged 12-16 years from Jefferson Davis County who would be interested in a four Zoom session meeting.

After the four Zoom meetings, youth will receive a Certificate of Completion and 4-H supplies and materials from the program.

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“We have applied for small stipends to be secured for those participating as well,” said JDC 4-H Community Education Specialist  Latonya Ramsey.

Youth will then go on to be part of the Mississippi State University Junior Master Wellness state program for those 14-18.

In this program, youth will receive official MSU badges, in-state, out-of-state travel and professional opportunities, scholarships and other program incentives.

This training program is offered through Mississippi State University Extension in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The program is scheduled to begin on Nov. 17.

Educators may join the sessions to model the program in their classroom.

Materials will be provided to educators free of charge.

Parents, educators, and youth can contact Ramsey directly to be enrolled.

The 4-H Disease Detectives Project will help participants learn about disease outbreaks, virus transmissions, public health investigations and how protective actions like hand washing, wearing masks, vaccinations, and herd immunity help manage negative public health outcomes.

Anyone interested in leading or participating in this project, contact  Latonya Ramsey at or 601-792-5121 by Nov. 13 to register.