Haynes sentenced to 25 years; Magee 15

Published 12:42 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Allen Ray Haynes and Kurt Mishael Magee were sentenced last Friday  afternoon at the Marion County Courthouse for crimes they were found guilty of committing in 2017.

The sentencing was originally set for Nov. 9, but was continued after Haynes had a change of counsel.

On Oct. 23, Allen Ray Haynes, 46, of Carson, and Kurt Mishael Magee, 28, of Prentiss, were found guilty by a jury in Jefferson  Davis County.

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Following the three-day trial, Haynes was found guilty of kidnapping, sexual battery and conspiracy.

Magee was found guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy.

Under the conspiracy charge for both Haynes and Magee, falls kidnapping, sexual battery and attempted murder.

Fifteenth Circuit Court Judge Claiborne “Buddy” McDonald handed down the sentences.

Magee was sentenced to 10 years without the possibility of parole for the kidnapping charge. For the conspiracy charge, he was sentenced to five years. Both sentences will run consecutively and he will receive credit for time served.

He was released into the custody of the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department.

Haynes was sentenced to 10 years for the kidnapping charge and 10 years for the sexual battery charge. Both 10 year sentences will run consecutively.

He was also sentenced to five years for the conspiracy charge. That sentence will run concurrently with the kidnapping charge, leaving him 20 years total to serve. He will receive credit for time served and will not have the possibility of parole.

He will also be required to complete a long term drug, alcohol and anger management program while at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.

Haynes faced a maximum penalty of 65 years, while Magee faced a maximum of 35 years.

Friends and family members of both Magee and Haynes were present in the courtroom to speak on their behalf. Letters were also sent to the court from community members and leaders.

When asked if he had anything to tell the court, a tearful Haynes replied, “First, I’d like to say that I’m sorry to this court that we have to be here today.”

“I take full responsibility of what happened to a point to where I’m sorry to my family, all the young men, young African American men that I worked so hard to take care of and look out for.”

“That’s what I do. I used my bail bonding business as a ministry and a source of way to where I could get them and hold onto them. I said, hey, man, you out, let’s try to bring you back over this way.”

“They listen to me because they was in a little situation, so that’s what—that’s what I am.”

“Your Honor, I ain’t mean him no harm. I ain’t hurt him. I ain’t touch him. It was wrong. It’s all the way wrong. I know it’s wrong. It was all so bad when you look at it, but I didn’t—I didn’t put him in no trunk.”

“I didn’t do the other things that they said, I didn’t do them, man. But I know I’m wrong. That shouldn’t have happened. I gave him a bond and a PCR.”

“The more I need to apologize to Mr. and Mrs.

Magee over there. Every day that I’m in my cell I cry for Kurt. He’s a good boy. He is just as good a kid you ever want to see. God, man.”

“Oh, boy, it’s just like I just—if I could just do his time for him, because he’s just a boy, just didn’t deserve to happen to him.”

“It just isn’t supposed to be. They entrusted me with him, mentor him, and I tried to be there to show him the right way. It’s what I do.”

“Just know me after the tape and you’re thinking I’m a monster, but I ain’t. That ain’t me. I am a bail bondsman. I didn’t want no money.”

“I don’t want to sit here and think that I’m in the fine, because I know it. I know it. But I never done nothing to hurt that boy. I told him, I said, man, you ain’t got to be here. I’m sorry.”

“I wish you just knew me, Judge. If you knew the whole me.”

“I’m sorry to the Court. I’m sorry to my family. I’m extremely sorry to every student I ever taught. That’s who I am. Not what you saw on that tape.”

“I’m here to take whatever it is that I’ve got to take and I’ll take it because I was wrong. And I just wish to God you knew the whole me.

“And I just—I’m sorry, Judge, for taking up your time.”

Haynes was released into the custody of Marion County Sheriff’s Office to await transfer to Parchman.

The Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department was assisted in the investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.