JDC students return to the classroom

Published 7:24 am Wednesday, March 24, 2021

All three Jefferson Davis County Schools opened March 22 for traditional learning.

This is the first time the students have been in the classroom for traditional learning since March 2020.

“Everything ran smoothly this morning,” said G. W. Carver Principal Dr. Crystal Haynes.

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“I was so happy to see all the children again. It feels so exciting to be normal.”

According to Haynes, 298 students were checked in this morning.

Virtual students had the option to remain virtual throughout the end of the school year. Carver had 74 virtual students as of Monday morning.

“I am extremely excited to return to traditional learning,” said Jefferson Davis County High School Principal Carrie Hammond Walker. “The students seem excited as well.”

“The first day was a blast. Although we all had on masks, you could see everyone smiling with their eyes. Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe. We will continue to follow all CDC guidelines as we finish the last term off strong.”

“It is as if we never had a break,” said J. E. Johnson Principal Johnnel Stewart.

“I was so eager to see all the children together. I have missed them.”

J.E. Johnson had a total of 375 students in classrooms Monday morning. There are 128 students remaining virtual giving a total of 503 student enrolled in Johnson.