Prentiss Aldermen meet for July departmental reports

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Board of Aldermen for the Town of Prentiss met Tuesday for its second monthly meeting. After the meeting was called to order departmental reports were given.

Prentiss Public Works Department:

  • 6,981,000 gallons of water pumped; 4, 572,000 gallons of water sold for a 34% Loss
  • Repaired water leak on Hwy 13 at the county barn
  • Began taking trees down on the by Prentiss Institute at the bridge on the Trace
  • Put cold mix out around town
  • Repaired five water leaks
  • Removed tree across Ford St.
  • Put flags out for Fourth of July
  • Replaced four meters
  • Installed new computer at water plant
  • Read water meters
  • Mowed, trimmed and picked up trash

Prentiss Fire Department:

  • Two fire drills with an average of 10 volunteers
  • Eight emergency calls
  • Fire inspections at all Ellisville State School homes

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The Board unanimously approved the hiring of Gavin Allen for part-time at the Prentiss Fire Department.

Prentiss Police Department:

  • Seven vehicle accidents
  • 17 alarms calls
  • 220 escorts
  • 23 citations
  • 141 complaints
  • 14 investigations
  • Nine misdemeanor arrests
  • Three felony arrests
  • Burglary on Columbia Ave.
  • Worked missing persons case
  • Applied for a 10k body cam grant
  • Applied for a 5k JAG grant for equipment

The Board approved unanimously the hiring of full-time police officer Scotty Bryan and part-time police officer Dave Berry.

There was no report given from the Property Maintenance Department.

After a brief discussion regarding the upcoming Municipal League Annual Conference on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the meeting was adjourned.