Jefferson Davis County students return to class today

Published 8:36 am Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Students in the Jefferson Davis County School District will return to traditional learning Sept. 1.

Jefferson Davis County Superintendent Ike Haynes made the announcement live on Facebook Aug. 26. He thanked every teacher, teacher assistant, bus driver, cafeteria worker, custodian, school security personnel, coach, parent and student who has maneuvered through the remodeling and COVID-19.

Haynes feels the virtual process has improved with respect to connectivity issues and student engagement. “The virtual process has allowed us to safely take a step back and decrease our positive COVID numbers, quarantined numbers and care for the teachers and students that were stricken with the virus,” said Haynes. “Let’s face it regardless of how we instruct our children, it must be rigorous, equitable, accessible and relevant. The only way to accomplish those goals is through in-person learning.”

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Haynes feels the school district leadership team is motivated to safely support each student. “I want to be clear and straight. Our schools are the safest place for our students to be day-to-day not only from a community spread perspective, but also from a teaching and learning perspective.”

Students will be in a safe environment with quality teaching and most importantly with a continuity of services plan, which includes required masks for all persons on campus, frequent temperature checks and hand sanitizers. “Research makes it clear that students who participate in in-person learning, learn at far greater rates than students who do not.”

“It may take years for the threat of COVID-19 to be removed from our lives, but this is our only chance to educate our boys and girls. This is the only way to ensure that we meet the needs of all 1300 children that attend the Jefferson Davis County School District.”

According to Assistant Superintendent John Daley, all buildings and buses will be sprayed Tuesday with a 28-day product, as they have been since 2020. To be extra cautious, the district will spray every 14 days instead of 28. Students will be kept stationary, leaving the teachers to move from class to class. Students will be allowed a mask break outside, only when socially distanced.

More about the district’s return to school and quarantine policies can be found on the district website and Facebook page.