Hemp plants destroyed after testing too high

Published 7:13 am Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On Aug. 27, Leaf River Extraction conducted the destruction of hemp plants that had surpassed the legal limit of THC. The process was completed in the manner following the Final Rule issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. Leaf River chose to destroy all parts of the plant as opposed to remediation, which is allowed for under this ruling as well.

Key provisions of the USDA final rule include licensing requirements; record keeping requirements for maintaining information about the land where hemp is produced; procedures for testing the THC concentration levels for hemp; procedures for disposing of non-compliant plants; compliance provisions; and procedures for handling violations.

The process was witnessed by the Town of Prentiss Police Department and officer Debbie Rider participated in the disposal. The USDA does not require CSA certified marijuana handlers be present, but Leaf River Extraction chose to have them attend as a good faith effort towards the community.

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“These plants were stressed with the move from their previous location to the new facility here in Prentiss,” said Leaf River Extraction owner Eric Sorenson. According to Sorenson, the stress factor alone will cause plants to behave in this manner. “It is of the utmost importance to follow the Final Rule instruction to the letter of the law We are legitimate growers, and we will do exactly as instructed to do by the USDA.”