‘Hemp Professors’ study county’s potential

Published 9:25 am Thursday, September 30, 2021

Investors from out of state came to the area last weekend to look at the future of the hemp industry in Jefferson Davis County, and the untapped potential of The Prentiss Institute. The Hemp Professors, based in Wisconsin, arrived in Prentiss Saturday morning for a full day of meetings.

A breakfast was held with the Jefferson Davis County Economic Development and Chamber Partnership directors to introduce The Hemp Professors.

JDC Miss Hospitality Reagan Fails was on hand for her first official act. “Reagan was really great,” said Economic Development Director Gary Bass. “She could not have been more helpful or supportive.”

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The group began at the Industrial Park in Prentiss and visited Leaf River Extraction, and the former Griffith Wholesale Tire and yellow KLH buildings.

After the tour of the Industrial Park, the Jefferson Davis County Economic Development hosted lunch at the Rosenwald Building on the Prentiss Institute campus with the Prentiss Institute Partnership and Board of Trustees.

“The Hemp Professors also have a philanthropic adventure,” said Bass. “One of the things they do is invest in the community and they see the need and the potential in Prentiss Institute.”

Following the meal, the group explored the buildings on the Prentiss Institute campus.

“Jefferson Davis County is full of potential, and I am grateful to have been able to show that potential to outside investors who not only saw it but are sold on it.” According to Bass, the investors with The Hemp Professors are currently busy assembling a plan of action to continue moving things forward. “I am confident this plan will benefit the county in numerous ways. I’m excited at the possible investment not only financially, but the investment in the vitality of the community.