Sugar cane seed stock available through MSU Extension Service

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sugar Cane seed stock will be available from the Mississippi State University South Mississippi Branch Experiment Station in Poplarville.

The cost is .50 cents per stalk.  Seed cane will be cut in mid/late October and will be available for pick-up shortly after.  As soon as the sugarcane is cut, orders will be assembled and buyers will be called giving exact pick -up dates.  Growers will be notified if there is not adequate seed stock to fully fill each request.

Due to declining yield and some damage from Hurricane Ida, only the varieties listed below will be sold. The CP36-111 and CP 31-511 (chewing) varieties will be harvested and re-planted with hopes to have them for sale again next year.  Please also note that the cane was blown over during Ida, and as a result some stalks will be crooked.

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Syrup varieties will be sold in 100 stalk lots and stacked in loose piles, not tied. The following varieties are for sale:

Stalks CP 52-48—pale green when the grayish to pinkish wax is removed.  It has a stiff stalk that is highly resistant to lodging.

Stalks CP 67-500—a bluish color with a heavy waxy bloom.  The stalks are shorter and slightly larger in diameter than CP 36-111.  Has a good resistance to lodging.

Payment is due at pick-up.  Please include your phone number so that we can call to set a specific date to pick up your sugarcane order.  Provide an email address if you would like to receive this order form via email in the future.

If an order should need to be canceled before pick-up, please let the extension agent know as soon as possible.

Order forms are available from Thomas Brewer, Jefferson Davis County MSU-Extension Director/Agent, at 601-792-5121.