Converters stolen from Five County

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, November 10, 2021

On Nov. 1 the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Office was advised of several catalytic converters stolen from vehicles in the Five County Child Development i parking lot on Third Street in Prentiss. The case was turned over to the Prentiss Police Department.

According to Five County Executive Director Jonathan Bines a total of five vehicles were affected; three buses, the agency Traverse and a 15-passenger van.

“One of the teachers cranked the bus and it sounded like an airplane taking off,” said Bines. The agency’s maintenance supervisor investigated and realized the catalytic converter had been removed.

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Bines believes whoever took the converters was a professional. “They knew exactly what they were looking for. These vehicles had sensors on them. They cut right past the sensors and made clean cuts leaving no shavings on the ground.”

Prentiss Police Investigator Richard Browning knows as long as there are businesses buying them with no questions asked, the problem will continue.

“This is a statewide problem affecting many jurisdictions,” said Browning. “These converters are easy marks for thieves as some converters bring big money. We ask for the community and businesses to be vigilant and invest in security cameras as this would help in deterring these types of crimes.”

The Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department reported several other cases in the county in which converters taken Law enforcement officers believe all the converters were taken by the same suspects.

If you have information regarding this incident, the Prentiss Police Department request you call 601-792-5198.





  1. Catalytic converters from five vehicles were stolen from this Five County parking lot on Third Street in Prentiss.
  2. Five County Director Jonathan Bines believes it was a professional who stole the converters because of the location of the cuts and the clean removal.