Authorities have increased security at JDCH after gun found on campus

Published 5:07 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Jefferson Davis County Superintendent and the Jefferson Davis County School Board have recently made changes in school policies after several issues occurred regarding the safety of students.

Jefferson Davis High School administrators received a tip from a parent Nov. 11 regarding a missing weapon from her home.

Acting on that tip from the parent, administrators confiscated a loaded weapon on the Jefferson Davis County High School campus on Nov. 12. The student was arrested by Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Deputies. According to Jefferson Davis County Superintendent Ike Haynes, the student will also be disciplined in accordance with school district policy.

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Two tasers were also confiscated earlier this month. “Because of these things, I am taking additional steps to ensure the safety of the staff and students,” said Haynes. Haynes is adding an additional school resource officer on campus and random security searches with metal detectors to provide a weapon-free environment.

Haynes assured parents and community members that the Jefferson Davis County School District will have school and will have school safely with three non-negotiables in mind: no bullying, no disrespect to authority and no fighting.

“We have a great system and a great school, and I will not allow 1% of the students to disrupt the learning environment for the 99% that want to do what is required to have a great school.”

Haynes is asking for the stakeholders’ partnership in the effort to keep the JDC school campuses safe. “Just as that parenting tip helped school safety, your efforts at holding your children to a standard will also help.”

JDC administrators and the JDC School Board have also made changes to the district’s cell phone policy after facing problems with bullying and social media posts.

Students in the Jefferson Davis County School District will no longer be permitted to use cell phones on campus at any time throughout the day.

Previously, students were allowed to have a cell phone for authorized instructional purposes only. Other changes include increased fines for each offense and phones will now be held by the school for the remainder of the school year after the third offense, instead of the fourth. School administrators feel the largest problem is social media apps on phones such as Instagram and Snapchat which have led to cases of cyberbullying and threats made at Jefferson Davis County High School.  “We want our students to understand that once you make that post, even if you delete it, it is there forever,” said JDC Assistant Superintendent John Daley.  “We just want our students to be responsible and not hurt themselves down the road as they get ready to go to college and have a career. The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority, and we will continue to make every effort to keep our campuses safe.”

Any questions regarding these incidents or changes can be discussed with Superintendent Haynes by calling the JDC Central Office at 601-792-2738.