Trash a constant problem in county

Published 11:14 am Friday, November 26, 2021

Garbage pickup on the side of the road has been a constant challenge for the Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors, and the problem is increasing.

“It gets worse every year,” said District 3 Supervisor Demarrio Booth. “The Board of Supervisors would kindly as everyone to encourage your family and friends to help with this littering problem.”

District 3 workers were picking up roadside trash Tuesday on Washington Trail in Bassfield.  Over nine bags of trash were picked up on a quarter mile stretch of road.

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“This is our county. We need to keep it clean, we shouldn’t use it as a trash can or dumpster. Jefferson Davis County is a representation of what we love, this is our county, our home and our start. So why not keep our home clean?”

Residents are encouraged to do their part in picking up trash, but more importantly not throwing it out in the first place. “We as residents need to use designated trash cans at home and at stores to dispose of trash.”

Supervisors and county workers familiar with the problem recommend carrying a small bag in your motor vehicle and discarding trash in a proper receptacle.

The board deems March of every year as Clean-Up Month, but say they need everyone’s help in the county all year to control this problem. “It takes the help of everyone.”