Supervisor’s paving campaign nears completion

Published 12:30 pm Monday, December 27, 2021

The Board of Supervisors is nearing completion of their 2021 paving campaign. In addition to their routine, in-house, road resealing work they have added the paving and striping of various roads by contract. The Board hired Warren and Warren Asphalt Paving, LLC of Tylertown, to overlay with hot mix asphalt and Lane Line LLC to stripe several different roads across the five districts. The total amount of the bid for the paving contract was $671,594.00 and was awarded in august of this year. The total amount of the bid awarded for striping was $13,390.97.

The paving project included Full Depth Base Reclamation with cement treatment, roadway base repairs, leveling with hot mix asphalt, overlay with hot mix asphalt, cold milling, maintenance of traffic and striping.


The project includes various sections along the following roads:


  • General Robert E. Blount Drive (Main Street Bassfield)
  • Woodyard Road
  • South Williamsburg Road (two locations)
  • Good Hope Road
  • Progress Road (two locations)
  • West Progress Road
  • Dykes Road
  • J.E. Johnson Road
  • Clem School Road (three locations)
  • Williamson Mill Road (two location)
  • Houston Road
  • Maxie Road
  • Roberts Road
  • Bass and Laird Road
  • Lipsey Circle
  • Double Ponds Road