Be aware of new scam in JDC

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Several residents in Jefferson Davis County have reported receiving a phone call requesting info and payment toward a lawsuit. The caller is posing as someone from the Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerk’s Office. One recipient noted being told by the caller that there were old fines in his name, and they needed to be paid immediately or he would be “picked up.” The caller also mentioned the district attorney’s office being involved. The number on caller ID does show up as being from the JDC Circuit Clerk’s Office.

If you get a call with the JDC Circuit Clerk’s phone number, 601-792-4231, and an individual asking for info or payment toward a lawsuit, it is a scam. “We will never call and ask for money or personal info,” said Jefferson Davis County Circuit Clerk Clint Langley. “Hang up do not correspond with these individuals.”

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