Drugs and firearms seized in Prentiss

Published 8:07 am Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Prentiss Police officers seized drugs, weapons and money after executing an arrest warrant in Prentiss.

Officers arrived at 2317 Albert Avenue just off Third Street on April 8 to execute a failure to appear arrest warrant for Yaminah Berry. Shortly after arriving, officers obtained a search warrant and seized a substantial amount of narcotics from the residence.

According to officers, during the initial contact with Berry, a car was backed into the driveway with two males inside. Upon making contact with the two males, narcotics and a handgun were seen through the window by Prentiss Police Chief Joseph Bullock. The males made an effort to flee the scene, but Det. Richard Browning made contact with the passenger and both males were detained and placed into custody.

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Found inside the car was a large amount of narcotics and three firearms. The males were identified as Christopher Pearson, 30, of Prentiss and Felton McGowan, 29, of


Both Pearson and McGowan were arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of firearm.

Yaminah Berry, 32, was arrested and charged with trafficking of a controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm and directing a youth to commit a felony.

“We shut down a large operation today,” said Det. Browning. “One less place to buy illegal substances in town. I am sure there are some people not to happy right about now.”

#1 and #2 Prentiss Police Officers seized a substantial amount of drugs, money and firearms from a residence in Prentiss April 8.

#3 Three are in custody after Prentiss Police Officers issued a search warrant at this residence at 2317 Albert Avenue.