Mozingo announces retirement as circuit court judge

Published 11:51 am Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Judge Tony Mozingo announced his retirement Oct. 4 from the 15th Judicial District Court of Mississippi to become the new Executive Director of the Homes of Hope for Children.

Mozingo has served the circuit court in Jefferson Davis County since 2010 and will begin his new position with the children’s ministry on Jan. 1, 2023.

“The time has come for me to step down and allow another to assume the bench as circuit judge. I am resolved and at peace in my decision to accept the position of executive director of Homes of Hope, a mission where less-fortunate children are loved and nurtured in a Christian environment,” said Mozingo.

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Along with Jefferson Davis County, Mozingo serves Lamar, Lawrence, Marion and Pearl River Counties which make up the 15th Judicial District.

“The people of Jefferson Davis County are especially dear to me because of their kindness and respect, but more for believing in me from the beginning. I’ll miss the relationships there greatly.”

Homes of Hope for Children aspires to be the first placement for disadvantaged boys and girls in need of safe, stable homes throughout the state of Mississippi. kids reclaim their childhoods and to helping them succeed. It was established in 2006 and is located in Purvis on a 36-acre site and includes four homes for children, a transitional home, an administration and counseling building, three apartment duplexes and a commissary.

Mozingo says Homes of Hope needs strong leadership and a plan for a stable, healthy future, and he intends to work on behalf of its board of directors and benefactors to pursue that stable future and lead it to greater things. His goal is to see Homes of Hope show that true charity-that is, love in action, can change lives in this troubled world.

“I ask you to do me the justice, as I have you, of trusting this decision. There is no reason for my leaving other than the cause of Homes of Hope, which is further confirmed by my belief that public officials must set an example by allowing others to serve when the time comes.”

Prior to his judicial election, Mozingo worked as a justice court judge and municipal judge. He also has experience as an attorney for the Lamar County Board of Supervisors, the boards of directors of the Longleaf Trace, the West Lamar Water Association and the Lamar County Economic Development District.

“I acknowledge the debt of gratitude I owe for the precious opportunity to be a circuit judge. I am especially thankful for the devotion of my staff and those in service to the courts who are never noticed or mentioned yet were devoted to me in every way. But, especially with them and others who know me well, there is the bond of friendship which gives comfort in knowing there is within me the courage to follow my convictions. At this time in my life, I am convinced that the challenge of sustaining and growing the great investment of so many good people for nothing more than the children is what I must do.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves will appoint someone to fill Mozingo’s position until a special election can be held in November 2023.

Jefferson Davis County has three total circuit judge posts. The other two serving the Fifteenth District are Prentiss Harrell and Claiborne “Buddy” McDonald.