Performing arts and fishing team established at JDC

Published 7:27 am Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Jefferson Davis County School Board met Oct. 10 in Carson at the Academic Success Center for its regular monthly meeting.

After the welcome, moment of silence and Pledge of Allegiance, the agenda was adopted.

The Jefferson Davis County Campus Police Chief Anthony Sims was sworn in my Jefferson Davis County Superintendent Ike Haynes.

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Eighth grader Jasmine Booth was recognized for scoring advanced on her assessment and will be sponsored for a future ACT test.

One of Haynes’ four priorities was to increase the number of students’ daily attendance. Each month the district will recognize the school with the highest average daily attendance. G.W. Carver was presented the recognition for September with 94 percent attendance rate. All campuses in the district had 90th or percentile of above for the month of September.

A total of 358 students across the district were honored across advanced or proficient on last year’s state assessment. The students were rewarded with a free entrance to a free football game and were recognized during the game. Of the 358, two students made a perfect score last year.

District administrators were recognized at the meeting for their contributions to the district being to celebrate its academic success and achievement. Mr. H.C. Herron was also recognized as one of the district’s employees of the month.

The board approved to establish a bass fishing sports team for the county.

“This is absolutely amazing to me,” said JDC School Board President Shonda Ard Kelly. “We now have a bass fishing sports team for Jefferson Davis County.”

Approval of policy revision-IHA was tabled until a future meeting and the approval of releasing a JDC student to another district was denied.

In other news, the board approved the following without opposition before the meeting was adjourned:

•Approved financial update and financial statements.

•Approved revised salary guide.

•Approved payroll time clock procedures.

•Approved consent agenda.

•Approved to accept bid from Samantha Luke for Hunting & Fishing Lease Contract on S16T5NR19W.

•Approved FY22 amended budget.

•Approved purchase of live streaming training and equipment and a school bus for the Exceptional Education Department.

•Approved transfer of funds from 1841 16th Section Interest Fund to 1120 District Maintenance Fund to cover the cost of the purchase of live streaming training and equipment, special education bus, performing arts at the high school and the JAG store.

•Approved Rodabough Education Group, LLC service agreement.

•Approved request to purchase Alexandria Library System for Prentiss Christian School-Federal Programs Dept.

•Approved request to purchase an online Positive Behavior Instructional Support System for HS-PBIS Rewards-Federal Programs Dept.

•Approved out of state travel to the 2022 National Alternative Education Association Conference, in St. Louis, Missouri – Federal Programs Dept.

•Approved request to pay for out of state travel to Andalusia, Alabama.

•Approved superintendent’s actions personnel hire, personnel resignation of Angela Harper and

personnel recommendations including new hires, re-employment and substitute list.

•Approved claims.

Special called meetings were held Oct. 14 and Oct. 21 with the following items being approved on the agenda:

• Approved revisions to the 2022-2023 academic calendar.

• Approved performing arts proposal with Unplugged Creative Arts Academy.

• Approved recommendation of Bobby Fuller as Carver School Safety Officer.

• Approved request to advertise for proposals for COPS Grant Project.

• Approved request for band volunteers paraprofessionals.

• Approved revised salary guide for new school safety officer.

• Approved budget amendment for Fund 1151 (activity) and Fund 2930 (purchase bus).

• Approved transfer of funds from District Maintenance Fund (1120) to Fund 2930 (transportation buses)

• Approved claims.