ACT scores rising at JDCH

Published 3:06 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2023

One of the biggest test days for any student is the day they take the ACT  Many of the students of the Jefferson Davis County Middle and High School have taken their first ACT test of the school year.  For most of the students, this is the first time ever taking the test.

During the first semester of the school year, 223 students took the test. Of those taken, 69 students scored the minimum required for secondary school entrance requirements.

Secondary schools in the State of Mississippi have strict guidelines for entrance into their schools including GPA and ACT; A 2.0 GPA and minimum 16 ACT score.

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A 16 ACT score is the bottom 25% of testing nationwide and will require students pay full tuition if accepted.

Students scoring 25 are in the top 87% of the country and in almost all cases save tens of thousands of dollars for students and parents.

Zacherie Mckinley tops the scoring with an amazing first time composite score of 28.  Zacherie has only to improve in a couple areas to score 30 or above.

Zacherie’s individual scores are: Math 25, Science 31, STEM 29, English 22, and Reading 32.  On retakes, he will be able keep his high scores.  His future plans are to attend Nossi College of Art, Louisiana Tech with possible studies in Mechanical Engineering, Marine studies and tatoo artistry.

Freshman Tyson McLaurin and Dallas Gatwood   scored a composite score of 25. Individual scores were not yet available.

Tyson plans to attend PRCC then either Morehouse or Stanford majoring in Psychology.  Dallas future plans are to attend Mississippi State and become a Veterinarian.

Scoring 23 were Katerrian Menendez and Kamora Hawthorne.  Kamora had a top score of 25 in English and Katerrian a top score of 31 in Reading and 24 in STEM and English.

Nicholas Thompson, Terrona Reese, and Kyle Marin all scored 22.  Nicholas’ individual scores not available at press time.  Terrona had high scores of 24 in Math and 23 in STEM.  Kyle had 24 in English and Reading.

Kendall McInnis and Jana Stewart scored 21 composite with top scores of 23 in Science for Kendall; 22 in Science and STEM for Jana.

Rounding out the top scores were Amber Boleware, Manyla Carroll, Jakobe McInnis and Makierria Hinton all scoring a composite score of 20.

Amber had a top score of 22 in Reading and Jakobe had a high score of 23 in Science.  Manyla and Makierria individual scores were not available at this time.

ACT testing goes on all year.  All Junior and Senior students are allowed to take the test four times at no cost.  Sophomors, Junior and Senior ACT tests are paid for by the state, all others are required to pay.

The cost for ACT is up to $63, with many students having the opportunity to take advantage of donations.

If you would like to sponsor a child to take ACT please contact the middle school and or high school.

The Jefferson Davis County School District  highly encourages all students 7–12 to sign up and take the test early and often.  Your scores never drop, they can only go up.  Scores over 25 can apply for many scholarships and in many cases go to a two or four year college for free.

Superintendent Ike Haynes, JDCH Principal Dr. Jason McCloud and the entire school board, administrative staff and attorney are awaiting anxiously for many of these students and more to join the newly formed 30 Plus Club.

Shakira Hall was the first  inductee. Shakira scored 32, received the Bill Gates Scholarship, over $1 million dollars in scholarship offers including a full scholarship to Harvard University where she will graduate this spring as an honors student with a degree in History of Science.

The ACT is your free ride to college. The next ACT updates will come at the end of this semester.