Still no suspects in horse dragging death

Published 8:16 am Friday, February 3, 2023

Law enforcement officials are continuing the search for a driver who dragged a pregnant horse to death in Jefferson Davis County. No suspects have been identified yet.

The horse was found dead on Highway 13 North just outside of Prentiss late on the afternoon of Jan. 27.

A call came in to the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department  reporting a dead horse on the side of the highway just north of Shivers Booth Road in the Slater Flats area.

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Once deputies arrived they found the horse has been dragged to her death. The Mississippi State Highway Department buried the animals.

Law enforcement officials believe the floor of the trailer was rotten and the horse fell through as the vehicle continued down the highway.

Rotten boards were found with the horse at the scene.

A witness came forward and reported that they had seen a vehicle/trailer with a horse dragging underneath the trailer.

They also reported a second horse was tied to the back of the trailer and being pulled from behind. The second horse has not been located.

Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident and do not believe it was an accident. Possible charges are forthcoming.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department at 601-792-5169.

The Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department is being assisted by the Prentiss Police Department.