Jeff Davis Jail Docket March 13 through March 20

Published 6:54 am Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The following names and charges are listed on the arrest docket of Jefferson Davis County for the past week. An arrest does not equate guilt. The name, date of birth and address when available are listed as recorded in the docket.

Everette Smith, DOB 12-17-74, 531 Arm Road, Silver Cree, burglary, breaking and entering dwelling, court order.

Cedric Walker, DOB 10-26-71, 154 Polk Oatis Road, Prentiss, malicious mischief.

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Yvonne Grace, DOB 12-7-88, 1501 Hendrix Apartment 104D, Columb-

ia, old fines.

James Earl Thompson, DOB 6-30-64, 83 William Lane, Prentiss, DWLS, warrant, old fines.

Barbara Ann Warner, DOB 11-6-61, 57 Barnes Avenue, Bassfield, trespassing.

Timothy Savell, DOB 8-3-88, 44 Miller Drive, Sumrall, trespassing.

Chardonnay McCullum, DOB 12-11-92, 6731 Highway 42, Prentiss, contempt of court, failure to appear.

LeArchie Nicholson, DOB 9-15-81, 129 South Lily Rose Road, Oakvale, grand larceny.