Future state senator for JDC discusses goals for new role

Published 7:57 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Future state senator for Jefferson Davis County, Andy Berry, was in Prentiss last week meeting the JDC EDD Director Gary Bass. Bass coordinated the meeting to create a working relationship with the new senator. 

“My intention was to create an awareness of my vision for moving the county forward and engaging his help in facilitating the process when and where he could,” said Bass.

Berry is running unopposed and will take over as the Senator of District 35 on Jan. 1, 2024, when the state will follow a new district map. Along with all of Jefferson Davis County, District 35 will be comprised of Simpson County and portions of Lawrence and Copiah counties.

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Jefferson Davis County is currently in District 41 and is represented by Sen. Joey Fillingane. Every 10 years, states are required to redistrict following the release of the U. S. Census numbers.

In his new role, Berry knows communication is key at keeping him informed of what is happening in the county. “There were some things he was aware of and others I was able to create awareness about like the progress of the medical marijuana industry in the county and branding efforts,” said Bass.

Berry is a cattle farmer and is the Executive Vice President at Mississippi Cattleman’s Association and Mississippi Beef Council.

“My number one objective is economic development,” said Berry.  “The economic drivers of our counties are the towns within them, and my aim is to protect the rural lifestyle and what is best for people like us in these rural areas.”

Berry is also vitally interested in transportation. “Any type of improvements to roads and infrastructure, ties back into economic development.”

Another focus is on energy production, be it solar or natural gas. “What we have in Gwinville is so important to this county.”

All of these comprise what Berry stands on, along with common sense, working class representation. “I want to make sure people like us are represented in Jackson.”