Resolution presented at board meeting in memory of District 5 county worker

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors met for the first August meeting last Monday morning in Prentiss. Rev. Jessie Holloway opened with prayer before the board adopted the agenda.

Former District 5 county employee Jimmy Smith was remembered with a resolution for his work and dedication to the county. His son, Jimmy W. “Richard” Smith Jr. was presented the resolution by JDC Board President Bobby Rushing.

Gary Chamblee with Benchmark gave an update on the new detention center. He reports the finish work should begin this week and the project should be complete in six weeks.

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Dr. James Smith made a request to the board to apply for the 2023 HOME grant. His request was approved. 

Representatives from two food service companies presented the board with options for the vending machine program for the new jail.  Dorothy Young, Director of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind through the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services presented a vending proposal to the board at a previous meeting. The proposal is part of the Business Enterprise Program which would employ a blind person to provide vending services to the new jail in Prentiss should it be approved.

Linda Speights with the JDC Election Commissioners made requests regarding payment of poll managers, per diem pay of election commissions and payment of certified poll managers. All were approved.

Also approved was the County Executive Committee entering into a written agreement with the Election Commissioners.

Pearl River Valley Opportunity requested $5,000 which is no increase from the previous year.

A hearing was held for objections with taxes. There were none. The board approved to recess until Tuesday morning when a public meeting was held regarding real and personal property assessment rolls for 2023.

In other news, the board approved the following without opposition before entering into executive session and recessing until the following day:

• Approved minutes.

• Approved appointment recommendation to South MS Regional Library Board of Trustees.

• Approved Board President signing Senior Services Match Agreement and Membership Agreement with Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District.

• Approved Board President signing Order for Real and Personal Assessment Rolls.

• Approved Board President signing Pay Application #14 for Justice Complex.

• Approved Board President signing letter agreement with Dungan Engineering for Storm Water Inspections and Reporting.

• Approved Board President signing Waste Tire Grant Application and MDEQ Agreement #WT694 Modification #1, waste tire collection.

• Approved Board President signing with the Department of Finance for HB603 $100,000, Broome Road in District 3: Memorandum of Understanding, Letter requesting the transfer of funds and Initialing the Verification Form.

• Approved opening bank account for HB603 for Broome Road.

• Approved Board President signing Youth Court Contract of Employment Extension.

• Approved public records request from SmartProcure.

• Approved voting proxy statement for government obligations funds.

• Approved quote for broken glass in vehicle in District 5.

• Approved acceptance of purchase of limestone from State contract.

• Approved overages on purchase orders: Purchase order #230459 over 0.29 tons hot mix in District 4, purchase order #230460 over 0.72 tons hot mix in District 4, and purchase order #230475 over 1.95 tons cold mix in District 3.

• Approved payment of invoice for AAA Contracting & Construction in Districts 1 and 4.

• Approved credit card charge in District 1 for SiteGround website hosting $201.87.

• Approved payment of credit card statement.

• Approved advertising county resources with WJDR for football season,  $200 per month for September, October and November.

• Approved spreading into the minutes who is qualified to sign requisitions.

• Approved spreading into the minutes Employee Action Forms for the Sheriff’s Department.

• Approved employees attending meetings and conventions.

• Approved claims.

There was no objection to the tax rolls Tuesday morning and the meeting was adjourned.