Hood Industries’ sawmill operation recognized for impressive safety record

Published 9:01 am Thursday, April 4, 2024

Hood Industries’ Silver Creek sawmill operation was recently recognized for their ongoing commitment to workplace safety when they were presented with the Hood Companies 2023 Most Improved Safety award. Plant Manager John Nicks Galloway accepted the award on behalf of the operation’s employees.

“This award serves as a mile-marker on our team’s journey to build a safety-centered culture, create a safe work environment, and send our employees home safely to their families each day,” Galloway said.

Since 2020, the Silver Creek operation has seen a remarkable reduction rate of over 90% in recordable incidents, with their last incident occurring on Jan. 27, 2023. According to Sam Newbill, Hood Industries’ Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety, they are over 400 days without an incident. “Strong leadership has set high expectations and the team members have risen to the occasion. This award is a culmination of hard work by every single person at the operation, and I am excited to see what the future holds for them,” Newbill said.

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To honor the mill’s milestone safety award, employees were treated to a hearty celebratory lunch that was catered into the facility. Employees gathered around tables with plates piled high with boiled shrimp, crab leg clusters, corn and potatoes. “We wanted to take some time to congratulate each other and eat some good food together,” Galloway said.

Following safety protocols, remaining aware of surroundings and communicating clearly are three important components of any safety plan, and at Silver Creek, everyone from the front office to the production line and all points in between are focused. The sawmill operation employs 150 women and men in the Silver Creek and surrounding area and is one of four manufacturing facilities in the Hood Industries organization.

“We are very appreciative of the award and recognition, and we look forward to many more safe days and improvements,” Galloway said.

The Hood Companies, Inc. Safety Awards originated in 2001 to recognize facilities within the Hood family of organizations with an outstanding safety record. Since then, many ideas and initiatives have been implemented by each company resulting in a safer and more productive workplace.

“Several years ago, we made the decision as a company to make meaningful investments in our people, and by extension, an aggressive commitment to workplace safety,” Hood Industries president Jay Galloway explains. “With such an impressive and remarkable improvement at Silver Creek, it’s evident that our investment is paying off. As John Nicks said, our main goal is to make sure our people go home to their families each day. I could not be more proud of this facility or more grateful to Hood Companies for their continued support and recognition of our commitment to safety.”