Prentiss man has epic first hunt after winning auction

Published 11:05 am Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Foundation for Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks held a fundraiser recently and auctioned off a turkey hunt with legends Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland and Preston Pittman.

Strickland is the author of three books of humor and instruction on turkey hunting, and in 2010 was recognized as the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Communicator of the Year.

A native of Mississippi, Pittman is a world champion turkey caller.

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The winner of the special afternoon hunt was Steve Mahood of  Prentiss. “Boy did he get his money’s worth,” said Strickland.

This was the 62-year-old Veteran’s first ever turkey hunt, in fact, he hasn’t been out for a hunt at all in over 48 years. He had to use Pittman’s gun, a 20-gauge with a scope. “I never knew shotguns had scopes,” said Mahood.

After his first shot, the scope slammed his head just above the eye. “The legends were supportive and told me that was a badge of honor,” he said.

After a two hour break, the men headed back into the woods and Pittman took the scope off the gun. “He told me it wasn’t sighted right, but I knew it was for my personal safety,” Mahood said with a laugh. It wasn’t long before two hens and a gobbler came out of the woods and Mahood lifted the shotgun and took aim.

“I slowly followed the target when Cuz whispered in my ear ‘don’t shoot the limb.’ A slow squeeze of the trigger and I got my first long beard turkey. It was a blast!”

“Like I told Steve you can only kill your first longbeard once and his was pretty epic,” said Strickland.

“Congratulations to Steve, big thanks to the Foundation and our on site crew who made it happen and God bless Mississippi.”