Town of Prentiss cracking down on debris removal

Published 9:14 am Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Town of Prentiss offers a service of picking up limbs and leaves within the city limits.

The public works department has made a request that residents do not pile limbs under low-lying power lines or trees.

“Please do not place around mailboxes, road signs, fire hydrants, water meters or garbage bins,” said Public Works Director Don Jones. 

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Limbs should be no longer than eight to 10 feet long. Leaves, grass clippings and pine straw need to be bagged.

No household garbage is allowed in the bags or on top of the limbs.

“The Town will not pick up if household garbage is determined to be in bags or on top of the limbs,” said Jones.

Metal, televisions and appliances must be in a separate pile. The Town will not pick up concrete, bricks or tile.

Do not put limbs in the road or on someone else’s property.

Put household garbage away from the limbs and bags of leaves, grass clippings and pine straw.

Try to put limbs in one pile, not multiple piles.

If you pay someone to cut a large tree, the town will not pick the cuttings up. You are responsible for having the tree cleaned up. The town picks up yard work and storm damage only.