With love and honesty

Published 9:52 am Thursday, June 20, 2024

There is a new food stand in Green’s Creek and the community is excited.

The idea for the stand started months ago after the Buhler family watched the series Clarkson’s Farm on Netflix.

“There was a part in the series that had an honesty box and we all thought was the coolest idea,” said stand owner Leah Buhler.

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Buhler and her husband, Dylon, have four children Blayne 11, Christian 9, Laylah 9 and Dayton 6.

“Fast forward to now, the kids have been asking to do more handy chores to have their own money,” she said.

Buhler, who homeschools the children, decided to go the less traditional route and started the family’s own honesty box.

She wanted to teach her kids hands on life skills like baking, canning and money management while also allowing them to earn the money they were wanting.

“As of now, the kids are saving for so many things and to be honest, it changes daily,” Buhler said.

The stand is currently open every Monday and Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Some items available are bread, canned items, goats milk soap and different homemade snacks that are put out right before the stand opens. The kids collect the money and leftover items when it closes. 

“They have some of the best pepper jelly and the homemade CheezIts I’ve ever had,” said District 2 Supervisor Ricky Barrett.

There is a cash drop box in the stand, but the stand also accepts Venmo and Cash App.

“When we get our stuff and drive away the kids are standing at the glass door waving,” said Greens Creek resident Tammy Fagan. “We love having the stand here,” she said.

This is the third week the stand has been open.

So far, the bread, goat milk soap and candied jalapeños are the most raved items.

The stand located on Greens Creek Road about half a mile from Greens Creek Baptist Church.

“We are so excited for everyone to come by and visit!”