Beware of scam in JDC

Published 2:01 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2024

There is a new scam affecting residents in Jefferson Davis County.

A male is knocking on doors claiming to be with DirectTVor Dish Network insisting that the homeowner needs an equipment upgrade.

He is requesting payment for this service and even has information on the residents such as name and age.

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He first approached several houses in the Whitesand area in the northern part of the county, but there has also been a report of this happening in the Town of Prentiss.

Witnesses say he is a younger white male driving a white or silver Nissan Altima.

Other residents in the northern part of the county have reported that he is claiming to be with an insurance company, but when asked will not give the company name.

“Do not give a stranger anything pertinent such as your banking information or social security number,” said Jefferson Davis County Sheriff Ron Strickland.

If you have an encounter with this suspicious individual, please contact the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff’s Department at 601-792-5169.