Letter to the Editor 4-12-17

Published 1:55 pm Monday, April 17, 2017

Dear Editor:

I graduated from Prentiss High School in 1953 and moved to Houston, Texas to begin my college work. That move has resulted in my spending my entire adult life in Texas. Business and family have necessitated a return to Prentiss two or three times every year. Due to illness and untimely death of my sister, I have recently spent about three weeks in my hometown.

For 40 years or more, I have bought fuel, newspapers, coffee and other items at one of the businesses in Prentiss. About five weeks ago, I purchased a newspaper at this business. I took my “Buc-ees” travel cup inside and was informed by the young ladies that they were not allowed to fill my travel cup with coffee. Well, that was fine, I will just buy a $1.34 cup of coffee and pour it into my cup and sit and read the Prentiss Headlight. No, no, I was not allowed to do that. So, I asked for my $1.34 back and walked out.

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That action has completely eviscerated my relationship with that business. It isn’t my intention to excoriate them, but as we say in south Texas, “Eso es una policia estupida.” It sure is not a welcome sign for visitors who might stop there.

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce, at their next annual meeting could speak to the matter of welcoming visitors. That business could possibly coalesce with the store one block away, they seem to always have their welcome mat out at all times.

Mike Herrington

Kerrville, Texas