Board of Supervisors seeks help with Highway 84 development

Published 11:43 am Friday, May 24, 2024

The Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors met Monday morning for the second meeting in May. Board Attorney Wes Daughdrill opened with prayer before the agenda was approved.

Kimberly White made a request to the board that the name of Pace Road in District 4 be changed in honor of her father, Earl J. White. The board approved the change.

MEMA Deputy Director Clayton French made a presentation to the board regarding federal disasters and the process of requesting assistance and clean-up after an event.

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According to French, Jefferson Davis County has had the most federally declared events of any county in the state. There have been 17 declarations in JDC since 2010.

“The counties that recover best are the counties that prepare best,” said French.

Former Congressman Ronnie Shows and Donna Echols of The Echols Group spoke to the board about economic development along Highway 84.

The board discussed the purchase of cameras for the outside of the Administration Building on Pearl Avenue.

The board accepted the lowest bid from Allen Coleman Construction for the state aid paving of Jones Ford Road.

Inspections have been scheduled for the placement of fire extinguishers for county barns, trucks and County buildings.

Justice Court Judge Calvin Graves made a request to the board for a pay increase for Justice Court Clerk Latonya Blanchard. No action was taken.

Monthly reports were given from accountant Cathy Slocum, attorney Wes Daughdrill and engineer Les Dungan.

In other news, the board approved the following without opposition before the board entered executive session and the meeting was adjourned:

• Approved minutes.

• Approved obtaining quote for crew cab truck for District 3.

• Approved obtaining quote for two dump trucks for District 5

• Approved advertising for lease purchase of two dump trucks for District 5.

• Approved quote for transport van for Sheriff Department.

• Approved quote for bucket truck and/or grapple truck for Countywide.

• Approved Purchase Clerk advertising for purchase of a garbage truck for District 3 Solid Waste.

• Approved Purchase Clerk obtaining quotes for metal carport for District 3.

• Approved obtaining independent elevator inspector for elevators in Courthouse.

• Approved spreading into the Minutes Appointments and Oath of Office for Assistant District Attorney Reginald “Chip” Lewis and Investigator William Bennett White and Oath of Office for Circuit Judge Richelle Lumpkin.

• Approved payment for windshield breakage from limb with signing a Release for District 5.

• Approved spreading into Minutes Employee Action Forms for Sheriff Department.

• Approved employees attending meetings and conventions.

• Approved change in quote with Systronic Systems for camera system at Sheriff Administration Building.

• Approved overage on Purchase Order 240162 after overage of envelopes was printed.

• Approved declaring inventory junk and removing from insurance Asset #254, Case CX130 used excavator in District 3.

• Approved offering for sale Asset #254, Case CX130 used excavator in District 3.

• Approved transfer of funds for District 3 Road and Bridge to District 3 Use Tax Funds.

• Approved use of credit card for fuel for equipment during storm clean up on May 13 for District 2.

• Approved credit card report.

• Approved claims.