Jackets’ dominance continues

Published 9:20 am Friday, October 24, 2014

THE PRENTISS HEADLIGHT / #3 Gerald Reese heading down the field for one of his two touchdowns of the night against Amite County. Photo by Tony Waits, www.tonywaits.com

THE PRENTISS HEADLIGHT / #3 Gerald Reese heading down the field for one of his two touchdowns of the night against Amite County.
Photo by Tony Waits, www.tonywaits.com

With overpowering defense and an offense that continues to do whatever it wants, the Jackets take down another divisional opponent.
Amite County was no match for the Jackets as has been the case for every game for the last five weeks since suffering its only loss against Collins.
248-42 is the point score differential in the last five games, yet MaxPrep Sports continues to drop Bassfield in the region, state and national rankings. After last weeks win the Jackets dropped 349 spots Nationally and 10 spots in the state and down to number 3 in 2A. Teams don’t get to choose their divisional games-and although Bassfield totally dominates game after game, yet the rankings continue to fall-so much for winning two state titles back to back and well on the way to three-peat. Those things are out of the control of the players and coaches, so what they are in control of continues to improve.
The Jackets are ranked 1516 Nationally, 40 in the State, and 3rd in the State. Jackson Prep #26, Pearl River Central (3-3 record) #29, Calhoun City #23, and Taylorsville #36.
Without the services of T-Rod Daniels, the Jackets have put to use its’ underclassmen at running back and with solid power running. It is running by committee over the last few weeks and it has paid off winning and development of the future.
The opening drive by the Trojans of Amite County was anything but pretty from every aspect-the Trojans offense, the Jackets special teams, the officiating-all made for a forgettable series.
The Jackets took over at the 25 with almost 5 minutes of the first quarter eaten up by nothing. The running game controlled this series lead by Rashaud Green with four of the seven carries, and finished off by Josh Applewhite as he turned the far corner and left the Trojans eating dust as he went 38 yards for the score. Kevin McNair PAT was good and Jackets up 7-0.
Amite County mounted a drive that was stuffed out at the 43 forcing a punt to the 25-yard line. As the second quarter started, Timothy Arnold threw an ill-advised pass that was intercepted at the 18, giving the Trojans another opportunity.
Starting at the 18, Amite County went backwards and punted from the 9 giving the Jackets good field position at the 27 after an 18-yard punt. Back to the run game, this time it was Gerald Reese’s turn. Carrying the ball on 5 of 6 runs finished off by a one-yard plunge at 6:55 of the second quarter. PAT by Kevin McNair was no good, Jackets up 13-0.
Amite County went nowhere fast on the next possession. A better punt this time put the Jackets offense back on the field, albeit for a short time as Josh Applewhite dropped the ball like a hot potato, giving the Trojans another underserved opportunity at the Jackets 16 yard line.
On the third play of the game Jamal Peters put the nonsense to a halt taking in a jump ball in the end zone. The side judge (his 3rd year officiating) treated the INT as a touchback and blew his whistle-stopping Jamal from scoring what could have been a 105-yard INT touchdown return.
No problem, 80 yards came easy as the Jackets mixed this series up. It has to drive opposing coaches crazy in trying to figure out the Jackets offensive schemes.
A good pass, catch and run from Timothy Arnold to Jamal Peters of 48 yards set this drive up for an easy score. Gerald Reese scored his second score of the evening from five yards out and then completed the two-point conversion. Jackets up 21-0. One more no gain run by Amite County and the half came to an end.
As is the norm, the Jackets took the second half kickoff, a failed attempt of an onside kick, at the 50 yard line and what I have never seen in all my years following the Jackets a 10 play running drive-with every carry by Ron Thompson. All the plays were the same with the exception of one pitch play. After having touched the ball only two times the first half, he made up for it in this drive and going forward. McNair PAT was no good-Jackets up 27-0.
Amite County ran two plays on its’ next possession fumbling on the second try recovered by Xavier Harper. It took one play and 21 yards of running and Rashaud Green scored his first of two touchdowns of the second half. PAT by McNair was good-Jackets led 34-0.
One yard rushing, two incomplete passes, and the Jackets were back on the field again. The drive ended with an unbelievable call by the umpire. After the back judge and two side judges had ruled a pass incomplete-the umpire with his back to the ball ruled it complete-Amite County ball at their 10-yard line.
A fired up defense hit the field, and hit the Trojans flat on their butts, even as they brought in a Chicago Bear’s style of the Refrigerator Perry, who was hit by at least five Jacket defenders nearly taking his pants off at the line of scrimmage.
A punt to the Jackets and a little fatigue from an offense not used to playing this long, and the Jackets turned the ball over on downs.
Another -6 yards by the Trojans and the Jackets offense was right back on the field. This time it took three plays as Rachaud Green finished off the drive from 7 yards out. McNair PAT was perfect, Jackets led 41-0.
A good pass and catch by Amite County put their offense in the best shape of the night at the 13 of the Jackets. A tipped ball caught by a falling Amite County receiver put the Trojans on the board with 3:29 left to play in the game.
Another onside attempt by Amite County went 4 yards and the Jackets offense jumped into action with 2 runs starting at the Trojans 44. The second half workhorse Ron Thompson went 35 yards and with another McNair perfect kick-this one was over Jackets win going away 48-6.
“Very, Very lackluster first half, a little more physical in the second half and you did what you came to do. You saw what not being able to play at full speed the last two weeks did-you have to know when your pushing yourself-but overall I am proud of you”, Coach Mancuso told the team after the game.
By the numbers:
Josh Applewhite rushed for 64 yards on 6 carries scoring 1 touchdown and had 41 yards in punt returns.
Gerald Reese finished with 7 carries for 37 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Timothy Arnold threw for 69 yards on 8 attempts with 3 completions and 2 interceptions. He also carried the ball three times for 12 yards.
Rachaud Green ran for 67 yards with 9 carries and two touchdowns.
Jamal Peters finished the night with 3 tackles, 3 pass receptions for 69 yards, one interception, and one punt return for 17 yards.
Kevin McNair hit 4 of 6 PAT attempts.
Last but not least, my Player of the Week-Ron Thompson. Sixteen carries for 129 yards and two touchdowns. The one 10-play drive with no one else rushing but him was too impressive to consider anyone else.
Jackets defense held Amite County to 21 yards rushing on 28 carries, 53 yards passing with 3 of 12 completions and one interception.
Total offense for the Jackets, 214 yards rushing on 41 touches. Sixty-nine yards passing for a total of 283 yards offense.
Next week the Jackets will host a very well mannered group of kids from Loyd Star. This one will be another case of how do the Jackets play all out and yet not score 80 points. I guess run 5 yards and take a knee after you score the first 50.

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