Spotted: The Grinch is in Prentiss *Video*

Published 7:57 am Thursday, December 16, 2021

A surveillance camera in downtown Prentiss has captured the Grinch!

When he noticed he was caught, he didn’t even flinch.


He’s such a prankster, most think he’s a jerk.

And his dance moves definitely need quite a bit of work.


He must have heard Santa was coming to bring lots of fun.

And he decided he was not going to be outdone.


Or maybe he thinks he can steal Christmas away,

Before Santa comes along and gets in the way.


What will he do to cause trouble you ask?

No one is certain, but it will be a tough task.


Be ready around 5, to be entertained for a bit,

And maybe, just maybe, you can see the Grinch throw a fit.


Or maybe his heart will grow three sizes again,

And the people in Prentiss will have a new friend!


One thing is for certain, we all need to know,

No matter if the Grinch is a friend or a foe…


“Maybe Christmas doesn’t really come from a store…

Maybe Christmas…perhaps…is a little bit more.”


See for yourself here!